Despite the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, WCH achieved a lot, including winning a case regarding modifiers, breaking through the closed Insurance Panel, adding several new features on iSmart EHR, and issuing a franchise in Miami. To know more about these achievements, read along!


This past year was challenging for everyone, but we thank our clients, partners, and friends for trusting us with their businesses during such an incredibly trying year.

WCH Service Bureau’s year in 2020 has been one of many accomplishments that have brought new providers and improved services and products. We have made changes in many areas to improve the products and services we offer to our clients.

Here, we provide you with a recap of some of our success stories last year:


WCH won a case regarding modifiers, and clients got full payment.

FidelisCare of New York updated its system without notifying providers, and because of that, a lot of Mental Health providers noticed that their payments were reduced. Upon becoming aware of the problem, WCH immediately contacted the FidelisCare Behavior Health area representative but was told that the only way to get paid correctly according to the fee schedule is to use the required modifiers to identify a specialty, even though professional claims contain the rendering provider name and the NPI with which the specialty of a contracted provider can be easily identified. WCH also let them know that there were no updates notifying providers, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, and social workers, about the requirement to use a modifier for their specialties when filing their professional claims.

After engaging them, FidelisCare notified us that some of the affected claims were too late and there was no guarantee it would be paid. However, we took responsibility as professionals and assured our clients that they will all be paid fully. We persistently engaged FidelisCare until we got all our clients’ money back and got them to start processing claims at the correct rate. We always work hard to ensure our clients receive accurate and fair reimbursement for the services they render.


Breaking through the closed Insurance Panel: the case about HealthFirst

WCH was approached by an Acupuncture healthcare provider who wanted to enroll in the HealthFirst Insurance network. Immediately, the WCH Credentialing specialist, Dmitriy Yermolaev, started processing the request and submitted all the required documentation to HealthFirst. However, when tracking the case status, there was no response from HealthFirst.

Later, one of the representatives of HealthFirst responded that the case was closed due to the untimely submission of required documentation. There was also another obstacle that was revealed at that time: the panel for Acupuncturist was closed about a month after the WCH Credentialing specialist sent the documentation package.

Following WCH’s culture of never giving up, Dmitriy Yermolaev devoted weeks engaging the insurance company and demonstrating to them that all the supporting documents were promptly submitted. This steadfastness ultimately paid off, as HealthFirst concurred that due process was followed by WCH, and eventually, our client was able to join the HealthFirst Insurance network.

This is just one example of WCH’s loyalty and diligence to clients and its ability to deliver on every request.


iSmart EHR improvements:

WCH has made it possible for providers to monitor the performance of their claims with the iSmart Dashboard. This operational dashboard was added to iSmart EHR to provide a comprehensive snapshot of a provider’s performance. A good dashboard provides its users with a glance at critical information and it allows users to easily and quickly generate reports or examine the data driving the analytics — all with a few clicks of the mouse. TheiSmart EHR dashboard boasts of easy usability, and it can help you save time so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and improving productivity.

Also, WCH added an electronic Superbill feature in the iSmart EHR platform. Already, iSmart EHR has been one of the most advanced platforms for managing patients’ data and transmitting information, but WCH keeps adding new features to make communication between the healthcare provider and WCH account representatives a lot easier. The electronic Superbill feature makes it much easier to send Superbills directly through iSmart EHR Billing Monitor instead of going through the tedious process of sending paper Superbill.

Additionally, WCH added another feature on iSmart EHR — real-time eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage. This new feature makes it possible for providers to verify patient insurance coverage before their arrival. With only a few clicks on the iSmart EHR platform, you can get the patient’s insurance status, so the new feature makes patient care a lot faster and efficient. Moreover, it can increase reimbursements and reduce denied claims due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

WCH has enabled online payment right via the iSmart EHR platform!

To make things easier for providers and make patient care a lot faster and efficient, WCH has also gone further to enable online payment right via the iSmart EHR platform. With this, you do not only have virtually everything you need to process patient’s information and communicate your claims to us for processing but can also make your payment on the iSmart EHR platform. The payment process is quite simple:

  1.          Open the ehr.wchsb.com dashboard
  2.          Go to the billing section
  3.          On the upper-right corner where your balance is displayed, click on ‘Pay Now’
  4.          Choose your payment method and pay


How WCH franchised its business

WCH franchised its business for the first time in Miami. While working with many of our clients, we became convinced that the ever-growing need for medical billing services is growing at a very fast pace and, without a doubt, will be the growth industry of the 21st century. So, we decided to communicate and transfer the experience we accumulated over 19 years of operation to multiple locations while focusing on developing smart solutions for providers’ needs. Understanding that the franchise model enables us to market our brand in different locations without increasing our staff strength, we successfully issued our first franchise in Miami, Florida, last year.

Our partnership with Elizabeth will let us make more medical practices in Miami focus on their main job, which is taking care of patients, and leave the paperwork for us. Elizabeth shares our core principles, which are clarity, security, and 100% transparency, and we are here to help her succeed. Buying into an established brand, our franchisee knows that she already has potential demand, branding, and a solid business structure to work with.


Enhanced work organization

At WCH, we keep looking for ways to make things easier, so we have developed a system that helps effectively monitor and manage the performance of our billers and account representatives.


Education: Training and Webinars

We strive to provide the best training to explain updates on our products. In that regard, we have provided, and continue to provide, numerous educational webinars to catch up on the latest industry changes and share insights with our listeners.


We increased our marketing efforts and created a marketing team to improve our products and, thus, improve our client’s experience.