20-year anniversary

WCH was established in 2001. Since then, we continue to serve our clients with integrity by offering the best services in Medical Billing, Provider Credentialing, Medical Auditing, MIPS Support, and more.
 Along the line, we have developed many innovative products, such as Patient Management and Billing Operating System ( PMBOS ©), iSmart  Electronic Health Record system (iSmart  EHR©), Time Management Program (TM),  Real-Time Eligibility Application, and more to help health care providers adapt to the tech changes in health care delivery and management.
 Now, it’s 2021, and we are proud to celebrate 20 years of making great impacts in the health care industry, helping providers streamline their work, improve their revenue, make easier documentation, have faster access to the patients, improve their efficiency, and above all, focus on patient care! This has become possible because of our loyal and precious customers, devoted staff members, and trusted partners who have been with us along the way.
 In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are launching special offers:
1. A 2-month 20% discount on our Provider Credentialing Services: We will help you get enrolled into the insurance networks in a timely manner because we are familiar with state laws and insurance regulations and have long-term job relationships with the insurance companies — we quickly achieve positive results. At WCH, absolute transparency of the credentialing process is our watchword! 2. A 2-month free trial for Real-Time Eligibility Verification via iSmart EHR: Checking insurance eligibility of your patients via this platform offers you the following advantages:You don’t get to spend all your time calling insurance companies or searching on their web pages for your patient’s eligibility status;
You get to know if the patient is allowed to visit your facility, considering where you belong and whether the patient can consult in-network or out-of-network providers;
You get to know about any deductible, coinsurance, or co-payment before rendering services;You get to know who will be responsible for the bill, thereby preventing denied claims or delayed reimbursement for the service you rendered.
 To redeem these bonuses, leave a message on any online form on wchsb.com indicating the promo code: 20ANNIVERSARYNote: The offer is only valid till July 7, 2021. 

Our History and Achievements

It has been an amazing 20 years of incredible achievements. Here are our major milestones so far:2001 WCH was established and started providing Medical Billing services
WCH began furnishing Provider Credentialing servicesDesigned and launched WCH web portal – “wchsb.com”Started developing a unique Patient Management and Billing Operating System (PMBOS©). The program was intended to serve both Providers in practice management and WCH Billing Department as an operating billing system.  
Developed the Patient Management and Billing Operating System (PMBOS©) Became recognized direct submitter of electronic claims with Medicare, Medicaid, GHI, BCBS, and Value Options.
Became members of the American Academy of Professional Coders for continued education in medical coding, billing, auditing, documentation, compliance, and practice management to better serve our clients. PMBOS was installed to our clients for practice management purposes. We were innovative in providing clients with full access to their claims and payment information, including claims history, along with the ability to schedule appointments, track authorizations, and more. And since 2004, in cooperation with our clients, we continuously improve the system.Started providing Remote Receptionist services 
Became members of the National Association of Healthcare Consultants to access invaluable resources, education, and networking to better serve the healthcare providers. 
Issued the first WCH Newsletter as an educational tool for our subscribers and effective communication channel with our clientsRegistered with the American Medical Billing Association to become a part of the professional network and access the latest industry updates and training resources. Designed 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) import to automate and improve the collection process.
Expanding our services nationwide, we registered with the NJ Department of Banking & Insurances as a billing service vendor. 
Developed Electronic Superbill option, an easy, secure, and quick way to share billing and other related information between clients and WCH.Growing and extending our services, we opened a representative office division in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
To serve as a coding compliance guard for our clients, we had our first Billing Department Employee Certified by AAPC as a Professional Coder. 
By meeting the standards, which include certain ethical business practices and a commitment to making a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints, WCH received Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation.We established a compliance program according to the Medicaid OMIG regulationsWe had our first Billing Department AAPC Certified Professional Medical Auditor andStarted Medical Chart Auditing Services 
WCH helped a client with a retrospective audit case, which allowed the client to prevent recoupment of the extrapolated amount, thus client saved around $300,000.00
WCH Newsletter was approved for AMBA CEU credits. Thus our readers who held CMRS certification could earn continuing education units by reading our monthly Newsletter.WCH became a proud member of RAMA (Russian American Medical Association). RAMA  was created to facilitate and enable Russian American physicians and other health care professionals to excel in patient care, teaching and research, and pursue their aspirations in professional, humanitarian, and community affairs.
iSmart EHR software became meaningful use certified and capable of supporting healthcare providers with Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Meaningful use program.WCH received the Best of 2013 Brooklyn Award in the Best Medical Billing Service Category We hosted our first Educational conference, “How to overcome the occurring healthcare industry challenges.”  Among the speakers were WCH professionals, practicing lawyers, and a representative from Medicare.WCH participated as speakers at the annual National American Medical Billing Association Conference WCH Billing Department employee was the first AAPC Certified Professional Biller in Brooklyn, NYWe introduced a new brand logo and image WCH first TV appearance on Bronxnet Channel
COO Olga Khabinskay wins 2014 NY Executive Manager Awards by Smart CEO We completed iSmart certification as a 2014 Meaningful Use Complete EHRWCH participated as speakers at New York State adult day service association NYSADSAHealth Care Compliance Association and WCH had a joint web conference on Credential with Confidence WCH has joined a team of experts to speak to last year’s residents at Coney Island Hospital.
WCH participated as speakers at the National Urgent Care Convention WCH participated at the First Annual Russian American Summit  
Developed a mobile platform SMARTBILL APP to make it easier for healthcare providers to record and submit the necessary encounter information right from the mobile phone. This App was vital for providers who traveled to different facilities or performed services at the patient home. Growing and extending our services, we opened a representative office division in Kazan, Russia
We introduced a new service: “Second Opinion Audit” to help external healthcare providers ensure their billing service complies with all the regulations and captures 100% of reimbursements.  Developed the Real-Time Eligibility platform to allow healthcare providers to check eligibility real-time for more than 300 payers from a single access. WCH advocated for Healthcare Billing Reform as part of HBMA Legislative Fly-in Day in Washington DC iSmart EHR was certified to the 2015 edition as required for the 2018 MIPS program. We added the MIPS dashboard to iSmart EHR for better measures and score management WCH started the Revenue SMS texting messaging service. As a result, our clients can better track claims created, claims sent to insurance, claims modified, and information on posted payments. WCH developed Credentialing Live link, web-based access that enables our clients to have 24/7 access to their ongoing credentialing processes and up-to-date information of their credentialing progress.  
WCH launched MIPS Supporting Services to help MIPS eligible providers avoid any penalties from Medicare.New service package: Annual Re-credentialing Services was launched to keep updated and track providers’ credentialing contracts. WCH contracted with Government agency GSA 
Within the course of automation, we went through the Integration with WebPT, EMSOW, CoreStudyCast for the purpose of billing import. We developed an interactive eRequest/Response feature that allows our clients to communicate with WCH on a web-based platform and even send attachments and documents to make the requesting process more efficient. In addition, this system is fully HIPAA-compliant.  We collaborated with York University in Canada to integrate Artificial Intelligence features into our software products.WCH became Official Franchisor Company 
We improved the iSmart Billing Monitor Claims Dashboard for providers for better monitoring of their practice performance. In cooperation with our clients, we added features to the iSmart Billing Monitor that allow providers to have complete control and comprehensively manage patient accounts receivables.WCH has enabled online payment right via the iSmart EHR platform. We launched a web version of PMBOS©
Thank you for your consistent patronage and support!
And, thank you for being part of our success story as you join us to celebrate our 20th anniversary!