WCH Service Bureau – a boundless way to maximize your revenue

Did you know that WCH Service Bureau is active in Connecticut? Read along to discover a story of our franchisee fulfilling the critical needs of healthcare providers in The Land of Steady Habits.
WCH Service Bureau has never stopped improving the healthcare industry for the better. Over the past few years, we have been extensively focused on sharing our business model with hungry-for-growth entrepreneurs who are willing to help healthcare providers in their area.  
In mid-2021, we launched our new franchise in Connecticut! WCH Service Bureau SBS (WCHSB-SBS) offers a revolutionary approach to insurance claims billing and the revenue cycle process in general. Our franchisee is more than just another billing company. Offering a full spectrum of services already popular amongst healthcare providers in the Tri-State area, WCHSB-SBS can be a true business partner of your practice.
Our franchisee specializes in strengthening the financial well-being of providers by applying unique, cost-effective solutions to revenue cycle management. Following the best and well-known standards of the WCH Service Bureau, our partner values your satisfaction over everything else. A state-of-the-art approach to multispecialty claims billing, collection, and provider credentialing has already gained an excellent reputation to our franchisee. Namely, WCHSB-SBS has become a truly recognizable brand in Connecticut that allows healthcare providers to focus on their patients rather than on countless claim denials and appeals. If you are a provider or run a health care facility in Connecticut, please do not hesitate to contact WCHSB-SBS:
E-mail: info@wchsb-sbs.com Phone: (203) 538 8686 Website: wchsb-sbs.com
Interested in becoming our franchisee?
WCH Franchise provides more than just a simple package of ideas and instructions on starting a business using our model. We are a leading multiservice enterprise with two decades of experience in the aforementioned aspects. Due to the extensive spectrum of services that we offer, our business model is immune to all sorts of crises. And so will be yours!
This all-inclusive approach has gained WCH Service Bureau a reputation of being a reliable partner of over 500 healthcare providers nationwide since 2001. We share our brand, concept & website with those in need while also supporting our franchisees with the following aspects:
• Constant customer support from us• Custom software packages for business automation • Mentorship by our billing and credentialing specialists• Marketing and other support from our partners• Maintenance at all stages of building and running your business• An ability to stay “remote” during the first three months of an agreement – we do not require a physical office to be opened right after an agreement is signed.
Our extensive and recognized experience, combined with a sophisticated support package, has made us an attractive option to choose from on a franchise market.