NY Providers who treat Medicaid Managed Care patients: now is the time to enroll

MMC Plans will stop providing services to non-enrolled Medicaid or OPRA providers who have treated more than ten members in the previous 180 days as of September 1, 2022. For the purpose of continuing to be compensated for services rendered to MMC members, out-of-network and unenrolled MMC supplying providers must sign up with NY Medicaid as a fee-for-service billing provider. Out-of-network providers will be informed to sign up for Medicaid using a procedure adopted by NYS. In-network and unenrolled Medicaid supplying and OPRA providers who serve multiple MMC members are urged to enroll right away.
We Can Help you enroll in Medicaid
If you are a non-participating OPRA provider – email Dmitriy Yermolaev at dmitriy@wchsb.com to get started.