No more overpayment letters in your mailbox after Sept. 23, 2022 
UnitedHealthcare will not print and mail overpayment notification letters to most commercials and health care professionals (both primary and ancillary).  
So, after the above-mentioned timeline, commercials & health care professionals will not receive any hard copies of the following types of letters:

  • Overpayment identified: Letters notifying that UnitedHealthcare paid too much on a claim that is processed.  
  • Overpayment reconsideration requests: Letters notifying that UnitedHealthcare has received your request to review the overpayment determination. 
  • Overpayment reconsideration decision: Letters notifying the outcome of reconsideration review and next course of action. 

Note that this change is only applicable for letters sent by Optum for payment accuracy reviews they perform on behalf of UnitedHealthcare. Letters sent by any other vendor are not included in this change.  
Now, you can see the overpayment letters digitally 24/7 in one of the three following ways:

  • UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal: You just need to Sign in to UHCprovider.com. After some basic settings, you can find your letters by searching through Check ID or Claim Number. When any new letters are available in the portal an email notification will also be sent to the address on file. You can even opt for their group mail feature if multiple staff members need to be notified.  
  • Using API: When you have a significant number of claims then using their API is a prudent choice. After some technical setup that involves basic programming, your organization can pull data from UnitedHealthcare portal. Sounds confusing? Do it right with WCH! 
  • Enroll in Direct Connect: This is a free tool developed to review and resolve overpaid claims easily and quickly. The tool is available on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Take advantage of this tool to reduce the number of calls and letters from the provider. The tool will:  

  1. Send all initial overpayment notification letters to Document Library 
  2. Manage all subsequent communications including reminders and disagreements with overpayment findings.  
  3. This tool also helps you to submit refunds. 
  4. You can enroll just by sending an email to direcconnectaccess@optum.com along with some information like the organization’s TIN, physical and mailing address.  

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