Don’t Be Penalized for COVID-19 Non-Compliance!

With the gradual reopening of businesses in New York State, there are guidelines for businesses that wish to reopen their workplaces. Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines will help you avoid the accompanying penalties. Keep reading to find out more about what steps your business needs to take.

Since March, New York State has put into effect several measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to protect its residents during the current pandemic. Some of those measures include limiting in-person work, paid leave for certain employees, phased reopening of nonessential businesses, requiring a business reopening safety plan, and mandatory health and safety protocol. These measures are already being enforced by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDL).

However, since New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the reopening of businesses, albeit in phases, an increasing number of businesses are getting into trouble for not following the guidelines for businesses to minimize COVID-19 risk and exposure in their workplaces. Some businesses have been handed hefty fines as the city and state step up enforcement of the new COVID-19 restriction given the sharp increase in the number of hospitalizations owing to the soaring rates of infection in some areas.

Want to ensure your business remains compliant? It’s easier when you know the steps.

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