Meet WCH: Timur Tursunov

We let our employees share their life experiences and what it’s like working for WCH. This edition focuses on Timur, one of our software engineers. To know more about Timur and what he has to say, continue reading!

We are bringing back the Meet WCH section where you get to meet our employees and read their stories — their passions, how they became a part of the company, why they love the company and value what they do,  and more! In this edition, you will get to meet Timur Tursunov, one of our software engineers, as he shares his story about his experience in life and what it’s like to work for WCH.

Timur joined WCH Service Bureau in July 2016 as a software testing and quality assurance specialist. At that time, we were preparing for the certification of our software product, iSmart EHR (Electronic Health Records), which we successfully passed.

After about 18 months with the company, Timur became a programmer, helping the company to develop and maintain software. Here’s what Timur has to say about his work:

I develop new software products (websites, CRM systems, document management systems) and help in the support and maintenance of existing applications. The stack of technologies that we use in development is ASP.Net Core, Angular, and MSSQL. The IT industry is developing very rapidly. We try to follow all the news and catch up on the latest trends in this field and then use the most advanced technologies and tools in our work.

Timur clearly enjoys what he does, the everyday challenges that come with the work, and being part of the great team at WCH. He went on to share his experience:

Since we have a lot of applications that we have to monitor, I handle a large number of tasks in my work. In order not to overlook something and to optimize the workflow, we use the task trackers, where we record all tasks, bugs, improvements, and documentation and track their status until they are fully completed. When developing our software products, we use an agile approach — splitting the project into small tasks and grouping them into weekly sprints. At the end of the week, we organize a meeting with the whole team and analyze the task’s implementation; if necessary, we do a retrospective, fix bugs and errors, and then move on to the next sprint. This way, we try to increase the department’s efficiency and quality, improve the relationship between employees, and monitor the development process in more detail.

He went further to explain the key objectives in their work and how information technology and automation is affecting our world, including the field of medicine:

The most essential thing in our work is our services’ quality and convenience so that customers can work comfortably and enjoy it. It’s nice to hear good feedback and optimistic views from customers about the work that you do, so when identifying problems or voicing the customer’s wishes, we try to eliminate the problem as soon as possible or make desired improvements to the requested service.

As you know, information technology has penetrated all areas of our life. Almost everything is automated — from production processes in factories to solving everyday problems and tasks. It is impossible to imagine a modern world without the Internet, online payments and cards, online training, and remote work. The process of informatization has also affected the field of medicine. Implementation of electronic document management, electronic superbills, automation of medical provider’s work, medical billing and audit of work processes are the things our company works with.

As he went on to discuss his personal life, Timur explained that his main priority in life is his family:

The main priority in my life is my family: my wife, daughter, and my mother. I am surrounded by beautiful ladies, so I feel like the happiest person. We often walk outdoors, visit parks and recreation areas, go camping and picnics.

Timur is a vegetarian and takes his diet seriously. He carefully selects what he eats and doesn’t just eat anything from anywhere. He believes that his healthy vegetarian lifestyle gives him more strength and endurance and allows him to look at the world differently.

In terms of hobbies, Timur is fond of playing mini-football and loves climbing mountains very much. In his free time, he makes one-day and multi-day hikes, where he and his fellow lovers of mountains and extreme sports climb to the peak of whichever mountain they choose. Last year, he climbed the Big Chimgan Mountain (with a height of 3309m above sea level). He plans to conquer many other peaks and desires to go on a multi-day hike in the winter. Timur also likes to travel and eagerly wants to visit India and some other countries in the nearest future.

In conclusion, Timur’s advises everyone to do what they love, enjoy their life, achieve their goals, and follow their dreams.