The beginning of strong partnership after successful credentialing

The WCH team works with providers of all specialties throughout the country and assists with credentialing quickly and efficiently so that our clients come out with the best results. Please keep reading to see the example of successful credentialing and other benefits of cooperation with our company.

Thanks to the efficient work of WCH, our client, large Urgent Care in  NY, has been successfully credentialed by Aetna.

WCH credentialing team negotiated a good deal with Aetna, and the client received a $10 higher rate for visits. The client also has been allowed to get paid for COVID testing outside of the global visit. Telehealth medicine codes were also added to the contract. The client was happy and infinitely satisfied with our service. We work hard to ensure we got the best possible deal for our clients!

Dear Clients,

The WCH team is pleased to announce that we have made a huge step to a new Medical Billing era.

Our clients made it possible!

We want to sincerely thank you for your cooperation in reaching some important goals while transitioning to Electronic Superbill (E-SB).

We highly appreciate your cooperation, and we want to note that only with your help we achieve such meaningful results that include faster billing workflow and, as a result, faster reimbursement.

While there is a significant space for new features and automation, we are waiting for your feedback to make constant improvements.

WCH Service Bureau is always open to your comments, remarks, and ideas.

Since the first day of E-SB implementation, we have strived to eliminate any issues you might encounter, and we shall undoubtedly continue to act in this manner. We are growing in excellence together with you!

Besides, we are always welcome to implement Electronic Superbill for every client who has not enjoyed this feature’s benefits. Submit your claims easily and momentarily with the help of the free iSmart Electronic Superbill!

As we move forward through these difficult times, we only wish to make your experience with WCH as best as possible.

Thank you for believing in us and giving us your continuous support!