Introducing the WCH’s iSmartBill App

Our iSmartBill platform is now available on mobile devices. The iSmartBill app offers an easy way to create and review patient superbills from anywhere you are, even on the go. To know more about the app, continue reading!

Our iSmartBill platform is now available on mobile devices. The iSmartBill app offers an easy way to review patient superbills, select procedure/diagnosis codes, and send created superbills information to WCH immediately for reimbursement from anywhere you are, even on the go. You don’t need to be with your PC to review your patient’s superbills.

WCH’s iSmartBill has been specifically developed to enable you to enter patients and submit electronic superbills very quickly and easily.

Who is the iSmartBill app made for?

The iSmartBill mobile app is created for WCH Service Bureau’s clients, especially those who provide on-site services such as hospitals, home care services, skilled nursing facilities. The iSmartBill app makes documentation easy for doctors and other practitioners, affording them more time to focus on patient care while WCH manages the records and reimbursements. Also, with this application, a provider can track and eliminate double billing.

The features of the iSmartBill app

The main features of the app include:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Quick access to Patient’s superbill information
  • Ability to add new Patients and update Insurance information
  • Customizable superbill templates
  • Ability to add patient authorization
  • Ability to make corrections in submitted superbills
  • An amazing feedback mechanism

The benefits of the iSmartBill app

The iSmartBill app replaces the old-fashioned paper superbill that requires time to fill and process with an efficient and easy-to-use electronic billing app that you can access with your phone on the go. Amazing! No more lost/missing paper superbills.

Interestingly, the electronic superbill form can be customized to hide/view several fields, such as referring, ordering, or attending provider; hospitalization date; admission type and service; patient status; first symptom date; and others.

With the iSmartBill app, you will have more time to focus on your patients while WCH takes care of your claims. You can even make corrections in the superbills after submission, and the feedback system makes it easy to communicate with your billing rep. Easy to create and easy to submit.

Reach out to us for any updates at  and stay tuned for more software and interface updates!