Collaborating for Change: WCH and HBMA Join Forces to Improve Healthcare Industry Relationships with Insurance Companies

WCH has partnered with the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) to enhance the relationships between healthcare professionals, insurance companies, providers, and billers. As part of this initiative, WCH has been invited to participate as a committee member on a specific board that deals with insurance companies and resolves ongoing issues related to billing, credentialing, and operations between doctors’ offices, billing companies, and insurance companies.

This partnership is a significant step in improving communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals and insurance companies, as the healthcare industry faces numerous challenges related to billing and insurance claims processing. Through this partnership, WCH and HBMA aim to provide healthcare professionals and billing companies with the necessary support and resources to streamline their operations and overcome the challenges of working with insurance companies.

During a recent communication with Aetna, several issues were brought to light, including closed panels, lost communication, and a non-user-friendly internet portal. These issues have been causing problems for healthcare professionals and billing companies, leading to delays and inaccuracies in insurance claims processing.

However, Aetna’s team was responsive and diligent in explaining their position and plan to work closely with providers and billing companies to resolve these issues. Aetna has committed to following up in mid-May with potential solutions and ideas on these topics. While not everything can be resolved, Aetna will focus on the most significant issues affecting the majority.

By now, we can say that one issue that will not be resolved is the outsourcing of iMED credentialing for optometrists. However, iMED will continue to represent optometrists. 

WCH is committed to its partnership with HBMA and Aetna and aims to provide healthcare professionals and billing companies with the necessary resources to overcome the challenges of working with insurance companies. We will continue to provide updates on progress related to this partnership and ensure that healthcare professionals have the support they need to deliver high-quality care to their patients.

WCH is open to hearing from anyone who wants to share their Aetna-related problems or refer someone else, who may be experiencing similar issues at a national level. Contact Olga Khabinskay, your main contact for Aetna dilemmas, and she will provide the necessary support and guidance to resolve any issues related to insurance claims processing.
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