Introducing WCH CredyApp

WCH Credentialing team knows all challenges of handling credentialing internally. WCH has done credentialing for over 20 years, helping healthcare providers of various specialties. Every practice should strive to improve its internal credentialing process to avoid losing the ability to bill insurance. Things get easier when you have a partner to rely on! Each day, WCH billing, credentialing, and IT experts contribute to our common mission of helping healthcare professionals and protecting them from injustice of the industry. This July, we released an innovative internal enrollment management system. Please keep reading to find out how WCH CredyApp can ensure swift payer enrollments for your practice.

Most of the credentialing work today is managed internally. This work includes adding new providers in the group, updating demographics, and managing existing credentialing with all the approved insurances. This process requires attention to dates, correct and timely submission of information, and the ability to track the entire process. Keep in mind that most of the credentialing work is handled within the practice either by the front desk, the practice manager, or even family members that are working with the doctor. Over time staff changes, credentialing responsibility shifts, and data gets lost. Leaving new people without past credentialing processes and with new growing headaches to respond to the payers.

Facing these complications, WCH has developed a simple, automated credentialing tool – CredyApp. CredyApp helps to better manage and control the practice’s credentialing process. Whether the credentialing is being done in a multispecialty clinic, laboratory, solo provider, or urgent care. CredyApp will transform your practice to help prevent the loss of credentialing data, documents, re-credentialing dates, and missed reappointments.

CredyApp Features Include:

· Library of insurance contacts

· Access to staff and doctors in the group to view credentialing

· Tracking credentialing progress from submission to approval

· Due date reminders for tasks and follow-ups

· Multifunctional dashboard for every user

· Managing exportable documents

· Automated Reports about practice/provider credentialing

· Ability to handle credentialing processes by remote workers

· Integration with NPI/CMS Data Set

In a nutshell, CredyApp is a web version of our well-known Credentialing

Application that we have used for decades to help our clients get enrolled with various insurance payers and to keep their contracts. However, at this time, it has even more capabilities, such as the following:

• Automatic integration  with NPI registry

• An enlarged & tailored database of insurance payers

• Pre-defined or newly-created work types in a workflow

Start your free trial today to see and feel the difference. I will be by your side throughout the entire credentialing journey for simple and complicated cases. Let CredyApp be your practice partner in credentialing.

Incorrect credentialing can cost your practice a great amount of lost revenue and staff time. Take advantage of the free trial. The first 72 days are free.

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