Interesting Developments at WCH: New iSmartBill App and New Clients!

We’ve created a mobile version of the iSmart EHR to make it possible for you to submit e-superbills from anywhere using your smartphones. We are very grateful for the new clients you refer to us. To know more about what we’re doing to make things easier for you, read along!

Interesting Developments at WCH: New iSmartBill App and  New Clients!

As you know, we always tell you about interesting things happening at WCH. In this edition, we want to share the features of our new iSmartBill app and tell you about our new clients. We are grateful for the new clients you refer to us!

The new iSmartBill app

We have always wanted to make sure that our clients can submit electronic Superbills, not only from their offices but also from everywhere using their smartphones. So, on May 28, 2021, we published the iSmartBill app, which is available now on Apple Store and Play Market.

To avoid not clean Claims “NCC” or requests to Providers, we have added 9 validations to the EHR platform for submitting Superbills. Here are the added validations:

  • Mutually Exclusive Procedures
  • Primary & Secondary Dx
  • Laterality Not Marked
  • MUE (Medically Unlikely Units)
  • Need Active Authorization
  • Not Payable Procedures
  • CPT / Age
  • Attending physician needed
  • Limits for services billed

New clients

We can see that you refer new healthcare providers to us, and we are very grateful for that. We are happy to perform at the highest level and promise to do more.

Recently, a home care nursing services client whose billing was seriously disrupted came to us. He was ready to work with us and has been expecting to yield positive results from our efforts.

Interestingly, we have already succeeded in getting reimbursement for previously denied claims from the payers, and we are still in the process. This is a complex process, and it’s harder to fix things than to get in trouble in the first place.

We also have some clients who signed up for 2021 MIPS services. Our specialist has already discussed and provided information on requirements and available reporting options in 2021. Each eligible provider is required to submit data for the Quality, Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability performance categories. If you need additional information on 2021 MIPS reporting,  you can always contact us!