Meet WCH: Nozima Kholmukhamedova

Today we would like to share a story of Nozima Kholmukhamedova, our Billing Department Account Representative. Being an avid photography, travel, and beauty enthusiast, Nozima is also an aspiring polyglot! She believes that having a dream is an essential part of one’s personal career path since he who has a dream can bear nearly every difficulty coming along the way. At the same time, Nozima thinks that digital development has become integral when it comes to innovations in healthcare. To get a unique insight from Nozima, read along!

Today we would like to draw your attention to Nozima Kholmukhamedova, one of our Billing Department account representatives and also an avid lover of traveling, photography, beauty, and foreign languages.

Nozima joined our billing team in December 2020. Thanks to her never-ending desire for career growth and personal development, Nozima was able to easily become an experienced account representative and a much-valued member of the team. Looking back at her first days at work, Nozima says that she has drastically enhanced her knowledge of the industry thanks to her colleagues, who have never hesitated to give her a hand in any deal that she had been involved in. It was easy for her to get accustomed to everything that we are all dealing with here. Nozima believes that passion is the mother of all success. She thinks that loving what you do inevitably leads to professional growth. Those who are miserable with their job achieve nothing but stagnation. 

Currently, Nozima is working on claims billing workflow for 15 medical practices – clients of WCH Service Bureau. She believes that mutual understanding and constant communication with clients are the crucial aspects of her job. Asked about advice that she could give to our existing and potential clients, Nozima is still keen to believe that talking to your biller or an account representative on a frequent basis is critical if you want to be up-to-date with your billing and reimbursement flow.

 Even though she finds it challenging to deal with every denied or underpaid claim of each client, she believes that her hard work is definitely worth all the effort. Nozima is excited when claims are paid in full and her clients do not experience any financial difficulties. On the other hand, claim denials motivate her to work even harder, and she is especially satisfied when her insurance appeals overturn initial denials, showing how fruitful her contribution is. Asked about a particular aspect that drives her professional development at WCH, she says: “I like to see how clients are happy with our job”.

Speaking of her career development and a future at WCH Service Bureau, Nozima is planning to become a highly-educated and experienced professional in the sphere of healthcare. She believes that healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries that are currently presented on the market. This is largely because it directly affects every aspect of our lives, hence we, as a humanity, are more motivated to develop it. Nozima believes that since the progress is constant, in a few decades we will eventually eradicate a great portion of diseases that are currently incurable.  As a result, a constantly developing healthcare industry is a direct guarantee of having longer and healthier lives.

When asked about what can strongly influence the future of healthcare, Nozima says that information technology is something that is important the most. She believes that IT is developing so rapidly that the healthcare industry cannot just stand aside. The latest digital developments have a positive impact on the development of the most promising methods of ensuring quality medical care to the population around the world.  Here is what she has to say about a current state of affairs:

We have already been actively using telemedicine, while also exchanging protected health information between different institutions on a secure, paperless basis. I do believe that while new software products are actively introduced, they will directly correlate with the development of high-tech medical technology.

Nozima believes that a key indicator of her professional success is always being able to look back into her past and assure yourself that you have become more experienced, making a big step forward since that time.

Having a dream is what Nozima considers the most important aspect of everyone’s life. She has determined that our existence would be incomplete should we not possess this invisible and invincible force that exists in our minds and souls. She believes that a person with a dream can overcome any obstacle that may come in the way. Dreams inspire movement, and movement is critical for those who struggle at their worst.

Just follow your dreams and never give up. If you see that it becomes harder – take a rest and keep working on it nonetheless.

Nozima devotes her spare time to her hobby – learning new languages. Every new language is an easy task for her because she can learn it on her own by watching TV shows, listening to music, and reading books written in a language that she would like to master. Speaking of her favorite books, Nozima comes up with “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell, “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, and “Calikusu”( The Wren) by Resat Nuri Guntekin.

Nozima considers herself an aspiring lover of photography, traveling, and “everything related to beauty”. When asked about traveling, she says that she wants to visit as many countries as possible to explore new horizons of this world. At the same time, Nozima is dreaming of starting her own business, and she already has several ideas that she has been working on.

We wish Nozima to succeed in her career path and turn her dreams into reality!