WCH Service Bureau keeps attracting new franchisees

Sharing is caring. WCH is happy to help entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to jump-start their businesses. This month, we have signed a contract with our fifth franchisee. Read along to find out How We Can Help you build a business in a rapidly growing market.
A new WCH Franchisee has just entered the market. We are proud to have assisted five businesses to join a profitable healthcare reimbursement industry as WCH franchisees. Sharing our business model with growth-oriented entrepreneurs has become our top priority.
The WCH brand has signed a new partner in Everett, WA. Thanks to this partnership, healthcare providers and facilities in the State of Washington can enjoy even more of our top-quality services, such as the following:
• Medical Billing• Credentialing• Medical Audit• MIPS Support
WCH Franchise provides more than just a simple package of ideas and instructions on how to start a business using our model. We are a leading multiservice enterprise with two decades of experience in the aspects mentioned above. Due to the large spectrum of services that we offer, our business model is immune to all sorts of crises. And so will be yours! Our franchisees can offer the same list of services that we offer to our clients.
This all-inclusive approach has gained WCH Service Bureau a reputation of being a reliable partner of over 500 healthcare providers nationwide since 2001. We share our brand, concept & website with those in need while also supporting our franchisees with the following aspects:
• Constant customer support from us• Custom software packages for business automation • Mentorship by our billing and credentialing specialists• Marketing and other support from our partners• Maintenance at all stages of building and running your business• An ability to stay “remote” during the first three months of an agreement – we do not require a physical office to be opened right after an agreement is signed.
Our extensive and recognized experience, combined with a sophisticated support package, has made us an attractive option to choose from in a franchise market. If you are a provider or run a health care facility in the State of Washington, please don’t hesitate to contact our new partner:
Tikdem Alemu (Owner/President)310 W CASINO RD APT 4EVERETT, WA 98204
We wish Tikdem prosperity in her new business!