Meet WCH – Stanislav Botov

Human capital is a true cornerstone of WCH. We are proud to have a team of passionate and open-minded individuals, each striving to achieve a common goal – to provide as much help to healthcare providers as possible. The current issue is dedicated to Stanislav (Stas) Botov, an avid nature-lover, a fan of picnics beyond the horizon, who also happens to be a System Analytics specialist at WCH Service Bureau.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – a Chinese proverb.

This ancient wisdom has never been more relevant. Stas has had ambitious career plans from his early childhood: from becoming a teacher to being a pilot flying over the horizons. His never-ending desire to identify various issues and to effectively eliminate them has made Stas an expert in Quality Assurance and System Analytics industries. Stanislav sees a challenge in every problem that he encounters in his everyday life. Our colleague is fueled by perfection, and he leaves no issue unresolved. 

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