Meet Elena Pak

This year Credentialing Department is proud to announce that we have welcomed Elena Pak into a new position as a Credentialing Department Manager.  

Olga Khabinskay (previous department manager – author’s note) is perfectly aware that Elena will continue building relationships with insurance companies and providing quality, effective responses and communication with clients. 

Elena is responsible and professional. She knows how to communicate with payers and advocate on behalf of the physicians. Her good qualities are a vast customer service experience, years of working in a multinational environment, attention to detail, and the ability to analyze her daily challenges. Elena considers that all the difficulties we encounter on our way give us opportunities to grow professionally and personally. 

And we have no doubts that Elena will continue growing and building the reputation of WCH in the healthcare industry, as well as assisting every client with practice development.   

So, meet Elena Pak – the new Credentialing Department Manager.   

Here is what she says about her work, “At the moment, my dream is to become a recognized professional in the credentialing area. I have a brilliant mentor (Olga Khabinskay, author’s note), and I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her.” 

And about her family, “The main persons in my life are my children. They are young adults already, but we are still very close and love to spend time together when we have such an opportunity”.  

Let us get to know Elena better. 

Why do you choose this profession? 

I cannot say I chose this profession, I was looking for something different from my previous work experience, and I have been fortunate to discover such a wonderful world. 

What kind of challenges do you meet in your work?  

It would probably be easier to list the challenges we do not meet. In our work, we face many difficulties every day. But the more complicated the issue, the more interesting the challenge. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the team, we know how to deal with it.  

What do you like most about work?  

The best part is when all the requested work has been done, and customers are happy because we have fully met their expectations. After all, our job is to assist them in achieving their professional goals. It is nice to know that we are doing it well.     

To do the work this way, every person needs inspiration. Where do you get it? 

There are a lot of interesting, talented, and successful people around me, so I look up to them. I never miss an opportunity to learn something new. That is what I do every day at WCH.   

Is there something you want to learn in the future? Maybe new skills?  

I am sure I am just in the beginning. Moreover, I consider that when we stop learning, we stop growing. So, I prefer to think that there are many discoveries ahead. 

How do you spend your free time?  

I have two passions – reading books and traveling. Both of them make me happy and feel rested. When you have an opportunity to switch your thoughts and experience new emotions, it seems like the best reboot for your mind.  

So, traveling. What is the next city you want to visit?  

I have a huge wish list and note with great pleasure that I have visited half of the places on it. One of the most wanted ahead is Petra in Jordan. 

What moments do you think should be kept in our memory? For example, what was the most unforgettable gift you have ever gotten?  

My children. I am happy to be their mother. And I am proud to see what they are. They are truly the most fantastic gift I have ever got, and from the looks of it, I have a subscription because I continue to get this present every day by spending time with them.   

Is there something that every person should do at least once in life?  

I believe that everybody should try to make somebody feel happy.  

We also asked Elena what she would say if she meet her past self, but Elena only smiled back. That probably means she gets valuable experience out of everything that happened to her in life and does not want to give up on any part of herself.