Getting paid for an amniotic membrane placement: different payers, different requirements

What makes ophthalmology profitable in 2022?
Many would argue that quality of care and practice marketing are key when it comes to maximizing practice revenue. While this is certainly the case, there is nevertheless another critical aspect that directly affects how much you get paid, and this is the knowledge of commercial payment policies. Unfortunately, insurance carriers are often unwilling to pay for eye treatment. There are many barriers preventing healthcare providers from getting paid what they deserve: from high standards of medical necessity to limited benefit coverage of a variety of services. At WCH Service Bureau, we care about the financial well-being of your practice. For this reason, we are publishing the findings of an internal research performed by Elizaveta Bannova, our Billing Department supervisor. Elizaveta has shared some insights on how various commercial payers reimburse for an amniotic membrane placement (CPT code 65778).

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