Meet WCH – Valeriya Nifadeva

Human capital is a true cornerstone of WCH.  Since 2001, many passionate and open-minded individuals have joined our team, each striving to achieve a common goal – to provide as much help to healthcare providers as possible. Today, we would like to share the story of Valeriya (Lera) Nifadeva, an avid cat & pug lover who also happens to be a medical biller at WCH Service Bureau.

If you have achieved your goal, you have succeeded. If your dream has come true, you have succeeded. The most important thing is to never stop on what you have achieved.

Valeriya is a billing specialist at WCH Service Bureau. She is an experienced biller who has joined our team in early 2019. Ever since she was a small child, Lera has been motivated by self-development, challenge, and constant learning. Having proven herself to be a solution-oriented professional, Valeriya is currently in charge of billing, reviewing, and submitting claims for services performed by hundreds of healthcare providers every day. This is quite an outstanding scope of work by a person who wanted to be a flight attendant in childhood. Throughout three years of her professional experience, Lera has demonstrated a strong passion for our company’s mission, vision, and objectives. Our clients describe Lera as a compassionate expert who is extremely attentive to details. Her contribution has helped many healthcare providers from various specialties to prevent significant revenue losses even before their claims have been submitted. When asked about the most challenging aspect of her work, Lera believes that learning something completely new is always not an easy task.

Having worked at WCH Service Bureau for three years, Valeriya says she has become more attentive and purposeful. At our company, Lera was able to fully immerse herself into a pleasant and motivating environment. Lera is convinced that this environment is equally powerful when it comes to encouraging all employees to do better. For this reason, according to Valeriya, WCH Service Bureau will become a true global leader in our industry in 10 years. When asked about the best career advice she has learned so far, Lera says that work has taught her that if you want to do something well, you should do it yourself or learn to do it yourself. Despite such a strong self-reliant attitude and workload, Valeriya does not even think about whether she has a good work-life balance:

At work, I think about work, leaving the office, I plunge into my personal life and vice versa. I never confuse the two things.

Outside of work, Lera spends her free time drawing, helping her family, and taking care of her pet. She has a cat named Oddie, but owning a pug is on her current wish list. Lera is a melomaniac and a book lover. She listens to all kinds of music that she likes, including rock, pop, and jazz. At the same time, he enjoys reading fiction books, with ‘The girl on the train” by the British author Paula Hawkins being her favorite one. Last but not least, Valeriya is a huge fan of mountain hiking.

When asked about the things she is currently proud of, Lera names her family as a primary aspect. She is also proud of her good education, career path, and friends. However, most importantly, she is proud that she is a worthy person to be a friend with.

Dear Valeriya,

Thank you for being an invaluable part of our team. We wish you success in all your endeavors!