Technologies in Medicine 2023


At the end of 2022, Forbes magazine published an article about the trends in medicine for the new year. It caught our attention. We need hardly say that the world is a very different place than it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. This is particularly noticeable in healthcare. All the new trends are exclusively about technical innovations. We only have to keep up with the times.  

Let us look at what the future will bring. 

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 

Based on previous experience, we can say that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be applied in:  

· computer vision;  

· natural language processing;  

· pattern recognition algorithms; 

· drug discovery and prediction outcomes of clinical trials and potential side effects of new drugs, as well as analysis of medical imagery; 

· detecting and treating neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease; 

· data analysis from patient wearables or in-home sensors; 

· clerical work.  

The covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape for everyone, patient or practitioner. The result was the rapid acceleration of healthcare digitization due to the immediacy of care needs and patient preferences. AI enables faster completion of internal healthcare processes and administration steps. So, clinicians will be able to spend more time being clinicians and less on administrative tasks such as documentation. This automation guarantees that each critical step is completed promptly instead of human error, potentially creating delays in the care journey. Thanks to automated alerts and robust integrations, the process can move along faster, the patient can receive prompt care, and the healthcare facility gets the potential to increase its bottom line. 

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