Meet Karina Kren

Andrey Nedospelov
Karina has noticeably grown in her work. She never stands still and strives to learn new things. She has become more proactive, cares about the product, and shows concern for the company. When Karina is on sick leave, she literally has to be forced to take a break and leave her work even for a short while. 

Ilya Mirolyubov: Karina is a highly valued member of our team, thanks to her combination of technical skills and outstanding personal qualities. Her reliability and ability to consistently complete tasks on time are essential traits for any profession and are especially important for developers working on complex software projects under tight deadlines. 

 Moreover, Karina’s ability to build strong relationships with her colleagues has contributed to a positive and productive work environment. Her excellent communication skills have proven essential in explaining technical concepts to non-technical team members, facilitating smooth collaboration on projects. 

Overall, Karina’s work ethic, personal qualities, and technical expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team. Her contributions are highly appreciated, and we’re fortunate to have her as a member of our team. 

Darya Porunova, Designer: Karina is energetic and responsible. She takes advice. It is easy to work with her.  

Iryna Tetera, Editor-in-Chief: Karina is very easygoing. She is very responsible and takes work seriously. But despite her seriousness, there is a spark of mischief in her. She has an excellent sense of humor and creative thinking. It is fascinating and comfortable to work with her. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background and where you grew up? 

I was born and raised in Minsk in a family of lawyers. Instead of bedtime stories, my mom read me criminal law – combining the pleasant with the useful. That’s why I knew I didn’t want to become a lawyer. Every year, my family and I went to Odessa for vacation. I liked the city and wanted to try living there. So, I chose Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, became an architect, and moved with all my suitcases. After two years of study, I realized architecture was not my calling. It turned out that my drawing skills and knowledge in mathematics were not enough to love the profession and derive pleasure from it. I switched to international economics and gave myself time to figure things out. I couldn’t take a break from studying because higher education was an essential aspect of my family concepts, and my parents never stopped reminding me of that. While studying, I worked in sales and logistics. This work involved endless communication with people. I realized it was too exhausting, and I didn’t want my life to revolve around that. Afterward, I met my husband. He suggested that I try programming. Besides, it was his profession. He could help and share his experience. He talked a lot about it and got me interested. So, I decided to pursue a second degree. That was the way I found my job, and now I am satisfied. 

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work? 

I don’t have a specific hobby. For example, I don’t collect coins. But I love trying new things. Six months ago, I got interested in social engineering, and now I spend my free time reading literature, articles, webinars, etc. I also enjoy video games and have been reading many books since childhood. As for dessert, I like anything that has to do with height (like skydiving, for example). 

What is the best book you’ve read recently, and what did you like about it? 

The Ears Under Your Scythe by Vladimir Korotkevich. A book about the formation of a nation, the struggle for freedom, and principles. It is close to me. 

 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

I would like to travel to Australia. I have always been curious if it’s true that there are so many spiders there. 

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the chance to yet? 

I want to try Paragliding. I failed twice because of different circumstances, but this year I will definitely do it. 

Who is someone that has inspired you in your life, and why? 

In childhood, my father was a role model for me. He could support any topic, read Goethe in the original, told me everything, had an answer to any question, and even more. As I grew older, I became inspired by people who create something new, even when it seems like everything around has already been invented. 

How do you like to unwind after a long day at work? 

I play video games with my husband, mostly Mortal Kombat, and we also go to the gym. But I definitely prefer video games. 

What is your favorite type of food, and do you have a favorite restaurant or recipe? 

I hope vegetarians will forgive me, but my favorite dish is a medium-rare steak. 

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you? 

I know about 17 poems by heart, mostly by Esenin. I used to box and broke my nose twice during sparring. Once, it was done by my grandfather. He was my trainer, so there is no domestic violence here. 

Do you have any pets, and if so, what kind and what are their names? 

My dog’s name is Didi, but she lives with my mom. We thought it would be difficult for her to change her place of living. 

What is your favorite movie or TV show? 

I love Marvel movies and can rewatch each of them ten times, but my favorite is Iron Man. 

What is a skill you would like to learn or improve upon, and why? 

As for my profession, I am constantly learning something new. So, it’s hard to say exactly. Overall, I want to finish courses on extreme driving and learn how to do police turn, but for now, I’ve only gotten a skill on how to burn the clutch. 

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? 

I’m probably very sensitive and emotional, as well as communicative. That is about me in a nutshell. 

How do you stay motivated and focused in your work and personal life? 

Usually, it’s not difficult for me, but if I experience so-called “burnout,” I give myself time to do nothing. And at home, I always have good support from my husband, so I don’t allow myself to lose motivation.  

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting in your field? 

The most important thing is not to be afraid of a large amount of information, to multitask, and to want to do it. 

What is a goal or aspiration you have for the future? 

My goal is to achieve my ambitions. I will develop, strive, and do everything until I realize that YES – I’m satisfied. 

Do you have any favorite quotes or mantras that inspire you? 

“Get up and go.” I’ve been living by this motto since childhood. 

What is something you’re grateful for today? 

I have a wonderful family, great friends, and opportunities to travel, develop, and live the way I want. So, I am grateful for this. 

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, whom would it be and why? 

It’s too complicated of a question because I would like to have dinner with all the creative and genius people. Each of whom can expand my worldview.