We take pride in helping our franchisees provide exceptional services that meet the needs of healthcare providers. Our franchise offers comprehensive training to assist you in identifying potential clients, negotiation support to help you close deals, and software setup assistance to get started with invoicing. We are committed to providing ongoing support to all our franchisees, ensuring you have the assistance you need to grow your business.  

Rajesh Velusamy is sharing his experience collaborating with WCH and answering our questions. 

Why did you choose our franchise? 

Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working with industry-leading health insurance companies, including Anthem, Healthnet, and Kaiser. I helped them integrate and implement large claims systems, credentialing applications, and outsourcing services. Despite my success, I yearned for a new challenge and started to think about my own company. Specifically, I was interested in finding a company that blended IT and business. While I could have easily started something focused on IT services (my stronghold), I wanted a new challenge. That’s when I discovered WCH’s franchising model. After having a discovery session with the salesperson, I connected with WCH’s senior leadership to learn more about organizational structure, service model, growth plan, and the level of flexibility and independence I would have as a franchisee. I was impressed with the leadership team and the mutual benefits that could come from partnering with WCH. I decided to collaborate with WCH because our combined expertise in serving large-scale clients, financial management, and the healthcare industry made it a mutually beneficial, win-win situation. Additionally, I was impressed by WCH’s great support team. 

How would you describe your relationship with WCH? 

As with any franchise, we’ve had our ups and downs. Starting my own company had some challenges, and WCH was still in the early phase of its franchising model. In my opinion, the challenges and lessons learned during the startup phase of the franchise were valuable experiences. WCH took those lessons and fine-tuned an approach to enhance the support provided to their franchisees. I appreciate the recent change in the franchise model that involved the business team interacting with franchisees rather than the sales team. This change has significantly improved communication. Overall, my experience with WCH has been positive, and I appreciate the helpfulness of the IT, billing, credentialing, and legal teams. 

What specialties do you service in your franchise? 

Our franchise specializes in medical billing, credentialing, and auditing. We serve a range of specialties, including internal medicine, physical therapy, psychiatry, and integrative medicine. 

How would you rate the training you received? 

The initial training was great, but we have learned a lot over the past couple of years in terms of business and WCH system knowledge. WCH’s training is ongoing, and the team is always available to clarify all my questions. This ongoing support has been essential to our success as a franchise. 

Can you share your long-term goals? 

My primary goal is simple: serve customers well and keep them happy. All the other things will follow, and the results will speak for themselves. 

To learn more about our franchise, contact our expert Olga Khabinskay (, 888-924-3973)