Achieving Excellence in Interventional Radiology: Dr. George Bolotin’s Approach 

Meet George Bolotin, the founder of Astra Vein Treatment Center in Brooklyn, the foremost center for New Yorkers seeking expert diagnoses and treatment for vein abnormalities, from varicose veins to deep vein thrombosis.  

He shared with us his knowledge, experience, and thoughts on what awaits interventional radiology in the coming years. 

What inspired you to embark on a career in radiology, and what ignites your passion for your work? 

From a young age, I was captivated by the surgical field’s power to mend and heal. However, as I progressed through my clinical training, I became increasingly aware of the high risks and complications associated with surgical procedures, leaving many patients with limited options for treatment. 

Around that time, I discovered the field of interventional radiology, a cutting-edge discipline that combines the precision of imaging with minimally invasive procedures that yield exceptional results with minimal risk. As an interventional radiologist, I am constantly motivated by the opportunity to help patients reclaim their lives, alleviate discomfort, and promote overall wellness through innovative and non-invasive treatments. 

Nothing brings me more fulfillment than seeing the positive impact of these procedures on my patients’ lives and the satisfaction of knowing that I can make a tangible difference in their well-being. 

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