Keep Your Demographic Information Up to Date to Avoid any Delay 

In a recent newsletter, Cigna has requested to keep the following demographic information updated

  • Mailing address: Cigna requires a single and updated mailing address from the users. The mailing address is used to notify network & business updates, contract changes (if any), and re-credentialing.  

  • “Pay to” address:  This information is used to mail claim payments. Users are allowed to have multiple “pay to” addresses for claim payments. 
  • Service location address: Cigna uses this information to accurately list users’ locations in the provider directory for customers. To update the information, users should include their complete physical address and phone number (PO box numbers are not allowed).  
  • Email address: This is the primary channel to contact users with the latest news and updates.  
  • Availability: This indicates when providers are unavailable and/or may not be accepting new patients.  

Process of information update 

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