How do I know if I am eligible for MIPS 2021?


How do I know if I am eligible for MIPS 2021?

Answer: Mukhlisa Abdurakhmonova, MIPS and iSmart EHR advisor at WCH Service Bureau

Very good question, since eligible professionals who do not participate in 2021 will receive Medicare negative adjustment in 2023 of 9%.

Make sure you are compliant with the program, and as a first step – check whether you are eligible or not.

Know which clinician types are eligible and see if you are one of them.

MIPS eligible clinician types:

•      Physicians (including doctors of medicine, osteopathy, dental surgery, dental medicine, podiatric medicine, and optometry)

•      Osteopathic practitioners

•      Chiropractors

•      Physician assistants

•      Nurse practitioners

•      Clinical nurse specialists

•      Certified registered nurse anesthetists

•      Physical therapists

•      Occupational therapists

•      Clinical psychologists

•      Qualified speech-language pathologists

•      Qualified audiologists

•      Registered dietitians or nutrition professionals

Know the MIPS eligibility threshold.

You must participate in MIPS (unless otherwise exempt) if you:

•      Bill, more than $90,000 for Part B, covered professional services, and

•      See more than 200 Part B patients, and;

•      Provide 200 or more covered professional services to Part B patients.

Check your eligibility status via QPP Lookup Tool

In case you find out that you are eligible, you must start collecting data right now!

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