Nana loves life in all its manifestations. She is a woman who is beautiful not only outwardly but also inwardly. When WCH was collecting aid for Ukraine, Nana involved her whole family in this process, and her brothers delivered medicine to those hospitals that needed it most. She also is always ready to help her colleagues and welcomes clients with a genuine smile.  
We decided to ask Nana where she gets her energy. 

How did you start your career at WCH? 
I joined WCH Team in February 2012. My first position was data clerk entry. 
What changes have you made, or are you going to, at WCH? 
Motivated the company to turn all archive paperwork such as bills, old SB, EOBS, and Medical records into electronic versions. 
How do you prevent burnout? 
Daily walks and listening to music help me balance work/life. Coming home to my son and seeing his face light up also is the best part of my day. 
What inspired you to develop your ideas? 
I think you always strive to do better when you have a favorable working atmosphere where you are respected and valued. Once you are comfortable and thoroughly know the system, naturally, you want to implement new and innovative ideas. 
Experience yields change for better ways of doing things.   
What will you never compromise on with your work? 
I will never compromise my integrity, the integrity of our company, and the quality of our services. 
How would you describe yourself in 5 words?  
I am motivated, compassionate, creative, and a team player willing to step up and help others. 
What are the three most important habits to be a successful person? 
The definition of a successful person will probably be different for everyone. To me, being successful means living what you do, be good at it, and keep growing in the right direction: you need to set goals, learn something new every day, and surround yourself with people that make you better. 
What is your greatest strength and weakness? 
My greatest strengths are creativity, focus, honesty, dedication, and multitasking. 
My weaknesses are too detail-oriented, too sensitive, and taking criticism too personally. 
How do you deal with fear and doubt? 
I spend my time with supportive people. I do not compare myself with others. 
Describe the next five years of your life and your plans. 
In five years, I see myself as an integral part of the company who has helped contribute to the growth and success of the organization. Also, I will achieve my personal goals and purchase an apartment or house. 
What do you like doing in your spare time? 
I like to spend time with my son and do a lot of outdoor activities with him. I also love to attend famous DJ events.  
What popular advice are you trying to follow? 
Follow your passion, and the money will come. 
What is one message you would give to past you? 
Everything happens for a reason, so trust the process.