Medicare Program Contract Year 2024

There are a large number of updates that Medicare has released, and you can read the list in its entirety here ( We want to draw your attention to the main ones. 

Health Equity in Medicare Advantage 

As the use of telehealth becomes widespread, there is evidence of disparities in access to telehealth. It is related to digital health illiteracy, especially among populations that already experience health disparities. 

Many seniors who need medical services experience healthcare deficits due to their digital illiteracy. This factor is one of the most significant and disturbing obstacles to achieving telemedicine equity. It concerns the MA program, which includes older adults aged 65 or older. The solution to this problem could be the requirement from MA organizations to develop and maintain procedures to identify and offer digital health education to enrollees with low digital health literacy to assist with accessing any medically necessary covered telehealth benefits. 

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