Gratitude to our dear community – support that saves lives

Support that saves lives

Shortly after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, WCH Service Bureau organized a donation campaign to collect medical supplies and send them to the Ukrainian people. We are astonished by the commitment and continuous contribution of our clients and partners. To date, over 50 organizations have demonstrated their support of our mission by donating life-saving supplies, medications, and funds.  Please keep reading to discover this incredible story of responsibility, kindness, and self-sacrifice.

February 24, 2022, was the day when a full-scale war returned to the European continent, with its impact spreading all over the world. Back then, little did we know that the conflict in Ukraine would become the largest global humanitarian challenge since World War II, with 4 to 5 million people predicted to be displaced in the coming weeks. As we are watching all the atrocities of this war unfolding live, we are also witnessing incomparable worldwide support for the Ukrainian people.

A community spirit that can save the world – the story of our ongoing donation campaign

Shortly after the news became known, we started thinking about how we, as a company, can help the Ukrainian people. In the beginning of March, we launched a campaign to collect medical supplies and ship them to Ukraine. Our employees have performed detailed research to find out what exactly was needed to the Ukrainian people. We have spent days contacting various Ukrainian organizations to identify the list of medical supplies that are currently in strong demand in Ukraine.

WCH designed a flyer with a list of required items and sent it to everyone we know, including over 6000 healthcare providers, and made hundreds of phone calls. We have sent this flyer twice a week, accompanying it with posts on social media.

WCH Service Bureau has also reached out to several major pharmaceutical companies and DME suppliers, such as Henry Schein, McKesson Corporation, and Walmart. They responded to us by saying that they had already started donating the supplies independently.

It was no time to give up! Later, we contacted several other organizations, such as Integra Partners, an NYC-based DMEPOS provider network and one of the largest and most respectful IPAs working with over 600 suppliers. Integra Partners has cooperated with us before in matters related to payer credentialing, so they were happy to help us. This organization has spread the word about our campaign to its vast network of suppliers, pledging to match all donations to up to $10,000.

Thanks to their invaluable effort, we have received a significant quantity of different supplies, many of which are extremely difficult to get. Many of their providers were happy to help us. We would like to sincerely thank them for their support One of their clients,  has donated 1800 pounds of supply in a single setting!

Integra Partners has also done a great job in sharing our message across the world. During the very first days of the campaign, our partner has sent hundreds of emails containing our contact details, the list of required medical supplies, and some critical Q&A statements to its entire email directory. It is only thanks to their effort that our mission has become known all over the country, and we were able to successfully ship several packages of medical supplies to those in need.

Below is a complete list of organizations that have partnered with Integra to support our initiative:

We are also extremely proud of our clients. During the last month, over 40 medical professionals have not only donated their office supplies and medications but have also encouraged dozens of their friends to do so. These incredible individuals have shared our flyers through any channel they could, including via office posters and social media posts. They have collected a lot of supplies and delivered them to our office. Our special appreciation goes to Dr. Ellen Vitievsky and Dr. Luba Karlin.

We also praise the effort of Valeriy from MedPlus, Inc., giving us the best possible discount for insulin and iodine, also providing us with special containers to ship the fragile supplies in.

We would like to spotlight the bravery and reliability of two magnificent volunteer organizations from Ukraine: CO CF EDUCATION AND HEALTH OF UKRAINIAN NATION (Gennadiy Badko) and CF VOLONTERY PODILIA (Lesia Herasymchuk) whose members risk their health and lives to provide critical assistance in the shipment of supplies from Poland to various regions of Ukraine.

It would be impossible to deliver all these goods without the help of our shipping partners – Velox International, who are cooperating with Nova Poshta, a Ukrainian private postal service. Velox is collecting humanitarian shipments in New Jersey free of charge, then sending them to Lviv through Poland. We are also thankful to Velox for its guidance in the collection and packaging of supplies. This organization has accomplished a truly self-sacrificing mission.

Recently, we found out that our partner is running out of pallets for shipments. Immediately, we contacted our friends, clients, and partners asking for support. With their help, we have been able to collect 82 pallets from different pallets for free. We are forever grateful to XPO Logistics, Triangle Packaging Inc., Yana Volfman, and our landlord, Joe, for such a generous donation.

Below is a complete list of our clients, friends, and partners who have contributed to our mission so far:

We are constantly keeping track of organizations that support our mission. Please use this link to retrieve the most up-to-date list of everyone who has supported our mission.

We are extremely thankful to everyone who has supported our initiative by spreading the word and inquiring about the progress of this campaign. The current situation proves that kindness, compassion, and responsibility have no borders nor the governments. Our donors happen to be the citizens of various countries, including Russia.

We are proud to have donated $5,000 to UNICEF to help children affected by the war. Together, our employees have bought over 200 doses of insulin that are currently en route to Ukraine. 

With four packages already shipped to Ukraine, we are still collecting the required supplies, despite the fact that our office is already full of various supplies. We have a large fifth shipment that is scheduled to be sent out soon. 

How YOU can help the people of Ukraine

Dear partners,

Your help is truly invaluable. However, it is never enough. Please help us to save more lives!

You are saving lives in the United States, now is the perfect time to help the people of Ukraine. Just a single donation may save a life of a Ukrainian child in a hero-city Mariupol, Mykolaiv, or Odesa.

Now is the time to act!

If you are willing to help us with our ongoing initiative, please check out our flyer.