Meet WCH – Elena Pak

Our team is a true cornerstone of WCH.  Since 2001, many passionate and open-minded individuals have joined our company, each striving to achieve a common goal – to provide as much help to healthcare providers as possible. Today, we would like to share the story of Elena Pak, a credentialing specialist at WCH Service Bureau and avid travel & coffee enthusiast.

Success is all about having a balance in all spheres: when you love your job, you have a warm and loving atmosphere at home, you have opportunities for further improvement and time for yourself.

Elena Pak is a promising insurance enrollment specialist who joined WCH just over a year ago, in April 2021, to explore an entirely new professional sphere and meet exciting people. Since her very first days at work, Elena has been involved in the most complex credentialing-related cases, helping our clients with their enrollment, maintenance, and revalidation. Being a result-oriented professional, Elena is motivated by getting positive results from her work. However, at the same time, she finds this aspect the most challenging part of her job, especially in cases that seem to be impossible to resolve at a first glance. During her first year at WCH Service Bureau, she has worked with dozens of healthcare providers, helping them to achieve the most plausible solution to contract-related issues. Having gained a sufficient experience in sphere, Elena has recently shared her insight into the future of the healthcare industry. She believes that a significant number of aspects and services will soon become fully digital, and that we have yet to see some true innovative and affordable treatment solutions. Accordingly, Elena says that in 10 years WCH will be the top nationwide destination for providers to receive credentialing and billing services, tactical advice, assistance, and fellowship in running their practice.

Enthusiastic, straightforward, and flexible are the three words that Elena associates herself with. Well, based on some of her personality traits, this is quite an accurate description. Elena’s never-ending hunger for curiosity has created several mind-blowing paradoxes in her life that few people know about. Our colleague once used to live on the 44th floor despite having acrophobia (being afraid of heights), and she drives a car despite not having a local driver’s license (yes, it is perfectly legal in her case). Elena wanted to become a professional figure skater in childhood, but her health prevented this plan from becoming a reality. Elena has a perfectly set work-life balance thanks to her remarkable time-management skills. She is passionate about traveling and exploring new sights in general, with Cappadocia and Rome being her favorite places in the whole world. “Life is not meant to be lived in one place” by Paul Theroux is one of Elena’s favorite quotes. As if it was not already clear enough, Elena adores non-conformism. She listens to alternative rock from the 1990s, and her favorite movie is “Fight Club” by David Fincher. Elena likes to reflect on the current societal trends through a prism of the past when it comes to books. “Nights of Plague” by Orhan Pamuk, the latest book she has read describes a pandemic in Ottoman Turkey. Elena is proud to have some people around her whom she can call true friends. She cannot live without two things: a good coffee and her cat with witchy yellow eyes.

Elena has a big dream that she is not ready to share. Regardless, we are sure that it will soon come true.

Dear Elena,

Thank you for everything you do. Your creativity and positivity help us believe that goals can be achieved and success can always be attained. Thank you for keeping the faith, boosting morale, and doing your best! We wish you success in all your endeavors!